Slow Source

Finding the origin of the slow wind

The origin of stellar winds, and here in particular the slow solar wind (SSW) is still debated. To date no model of the solar atmosphere has yet explained at the same time the bulk and compositional properties of the fast and slow solar winds. We will develop the first 3-D model of coronal ions solving, along realistic magnetic field lines topologies, for the coupled transport of important major and minor constituents. The model will compute dynamically for the emissions and the plasma moments of the different particles. This new modeling framework will provide a wealth of new observational tests to evaluate the different theories for the origin of SSW exploiting readily available data.

SLOW_SOURCE will be unique in that it will link some detailed physics occurring at the top of the chromosphere with the global 3-D corona and the solar wind. We will compare our simulation results with in situ and remote-sensing data (ACE, Wind, STEREO, SoHO, SDO) as well as Parker Solar Probe.

Kick-off meeting in Carcassonne (25-27 March 2019)

The ERC-funded SLOW_SOURCE project was officially launched during two days of scientific reunion in the beautiful medieval city of Carcassonne, in the south of France. Close collaborators of the project leader, Alexis Rouillard, both international associate experts and newly recruited early career scientists, had a fruitful opportunity to share and discuss ongoing science and build the foundation of their future research.

    The kick-off meeting was organised around four topics :

  • Building a multi-species coronal/solar wind model
  • Evaluations of different solar wind models
  • Physical processes that influence the composition of the solar atmosphere
  • First studies during PSP’s first perihelion


The ERC SLOW_SOURCE team participates in several outreach activities, essentially in France and thus in French. Please visit our outreach website here: